KLN Bible Study: Understanding the 9 Attributes of Salvation

Understanding the 9 Attributes of Salvation

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Understanding the 9 Attributes of Salvation - Kingdom Learning Network


What Are the Attributes of Salvation?

Christian Salvation is NOT a religion.

It is not about joining a church or stopping bad habits or praying or reading your bible more.

True Bible-based Salvation is a miraculous experience which incorporates many components, such as:

  • Having your inner nature changed
  • Having a mental paradigm shift which results in an exchange of worldviews
  • Being part of a legal adoption resulting in an eternal inheritance

These are just a few features, all of which will be explained in detail as we peruse this exciting study of what Christian Salvation really is. 


Salvation is a Free Gift 


 Christian Salvation is a multi-faceted Gift containing many different components.

From Redemption to Glorification each component adds a different dimension to the total salvation experience.

The Attributes of Christian Salvation are the individual aspects that make salvation a composite gift. 

They are the inherent characteristics and qualities that make the salvation experience what it is and give it it's intrinsic value.

As such, it is imperative that every Christian fully understand these attributes and appreciate how each one applies to their life personally.


Remission Justification
Regeneration Reconciliation
Sanctification Glorification


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